The congress will start on Tuesday 22 May 2018 with a plenary session and keynote lectures. They will take place at the Guerzenich in Cologne.

  • Introduction: Archaeology and Economy in the Ancient World
    Andrew Wilson | University of Oxford
  • The human factor: demography, nutrition, health, epidemics
    Geoffrey Kron | University of Victoria
  • The impact of natural environmental factors on ancient economy: climate, landscape
    Helmut Brückner | University of Cologne
  • Systems of production: landuse, industry, technology, artistic production
    Jean-Pierre Brun | Collège de France, Paris
  • Distribution: trade and exchange, monetarization, credit, networks, transport, infrastructure
    François de Callataÿ | École pratique des hautes études Paris
  • Consumption: daily and luxury consumption, conspicuous consumption, waste, recycling, diet
    Jeroen Poblome | KU Leuven
  • Economy of cult: investment, religious and ritual consumption, economics of death
    Jörg Rüpke | University of Erfurt
  • The role of the city in the ancient economy: urban infrastructure, relations between town and country
    Simon Keay | University of Southampton
  • Methodology: survey archaeology, natural sciences, quantification
    John Bintliff | Leiden University
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