Alexander Boix (University of Bonn), Migration of Athenian Potters and Painters in the Late 5th Century BC

The paper focuses on the migration of Athenian potters and painters who left Athens in order to find new employments in various regions of Greece in the context of the socio-political crisis caused by the Peloponnesian War (431-404 BC). This paper will take in account the impact of the integration of the migrated artisans in existing or re-established workshops on the social and economic structures. The craftsmen introduce themselves into their new homelands, not only as workers, but moreover as medi-ators of their expertise. My case study consists in the red-figure vase painting fabrics that since the late archaic and early classical period has been distributed into the entire Mediterranean region exclusively by Athenian traders. Therefore, the concept of exchange and the mutual influence of indigenous and 'migrated' art will be reviewed and, furthermore, the importance of new emission centers for the local market as well as for the Athenian trade in these regions will be analysed. Finally, the paper will dis-cuss the political and social developments and the related reasons, which led to the migration of these craftsmen.