Conference Proceedings - Guidelines

The conference proceedings will be published printed and as an online-publication with complete contributions. Manuscripts must be submitted electronically as a Word document before 15 December, 2018 (directly to the panel organisers or in case that the panel was without organiser to the organising committee, – please send all figures, graphs and tables as separate files. Send us your panel abbreviation.

  • Publication format: online open access and print version
  • Languages: all congress languages (German, English, French, Italian, Spanish)
  • Length: max. 20.000 characters (incl. spaces and footnotes, excl. bibliography), max. 8 figures (incl. graphs and tables); posters: max. 10.000 characters, max. 4 figures; extended abstracts: max. 5.000 characters, max. 1 figure
  • Figures: Photos should have a resolution of at least 300 dpi; illustrations min. 600 dpi resolution. The rights to the figures must be ensured at the time that the manuscript is submitted. Please send captions in a separate word document. In-text reference: (fig. x)
  • Bibliography: a complete alphabetically organized list of all cited publications at the end of the text
  • List of figures: a complete list of figures with references at the end of the manuscript
  • Style: Use Notes/Anmerkungen; References/Literatur; Image Credits/Abbildungsverzeichnis; headings: max. 2 levels

Please follow the publishing guidelines of the German Archaeological Institute using the author-year-system. In the footnotes use only abbreviated reference (author last name and year, page reference) for all publications you mention. Position of footnotes: after interpunction. Do not use capital letters or italics when referencing names or titles.

See the detailed keyword list and a list of abbreviations (of journals and series).

Some examples:



  • Jongman 1992
    W. Jongman 1992, The economy and society of Pompeii (Amsterdam 1988).
  • Hayes 2008
    J. W. Hayes, Roman Pottery. Fine-Ware Imports, Agora 32 (Princeton 2008).
  • Flohr – Wilson 2016
    M. Flohr – A. Wilson (eds.), The economy of Pompeii, Oxford Studies on the Roman Economy (Oxford 2016).
  • Lichardus et. al. 2000
    J. Lichardus – A. Fol – L. Getov – F. Bertemes – R. Echt – R. Katinčarov – I. K. Iliev, Forschungen in der Mikroregion von Drama (Südostbulgarien). Zusammenfassung der Hauptergebnisse der bulgarisch-deutschen Grabungen in den Jahren 1983–1999 (Bonn 2000).
  • Muller 1997
    A. Muller (ed.), Le moulage en terre cuite dans l’Antiquité. Création et production dérivée, fabrication et diffusion. Actes du XVIIIe Colloque du Centre de Recherches Archéologiques – Lille III (7–8 déc. 1995), Collection UL3 (Lille 1997).
  • Tomei 2006
    M. A. Tomei (ed.), Roma. Memorie dal sottosuolo. Ritrovamenti archeologici 1980/2016. Exhibition catalogue Rome (Rome 2006).

Articles in journals

  • Niewöhner 2016
    Ph. Niewöhner, The End of the Byzantine City in Anatolia, AA 2016, 67–156.
  • Anti 1920
    C. Anti, Monumenti Policletei, MontAnt 26, 1920, 501–784.

Articles in books / conference proceedings / catalogues

  • Bloedow 1996
    E. F. Bloedow, The Lions of the Lion Gate at Mycenae, in: E. de Miro – L. Godart – A. Sacconi (eds.), Atti e memorie del secondo congresso internazionale di micenologia Roma – Napoli 14–20 ottobre 1991 (Rome 1996) 1159–1166.
In the footnotes

Abbreviated reference + indication of pages/figures etc. Do not write “page” or “p.” but give only the numbers, for example:

  • Jongman 1988, 23–25.
  • Smith 2015, 118 fig. 17; 190 fig. 28.
  • Payne 1940, 97 nos. 6–8 pls. 29. 131.
  • Themelis 1994, 23-28 pls. 48. 50. 54–56.

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