General info

Allergy sufferers

May is high pollen-count season in Germany for bush and grass pollens. If you suffer from hay fever, we recommend that you bring appropriate medications.


Automatic cash machines are very common in all German cities and operate 24/7. Charges may be applied.

Credit cards

All major credit cards are widely accepted. However, in smaller shops like bakeries, coffee shops, etc. only cash will be accepted.


The only currency used in Germany is Euros (€).


The standard electrical voltage in Germany is 230 volts AC, 50Hz. The electrical outlets in Germany take two-pronged, round-pin plugs. If you are arriving from outside Germany, you should check whether you need an adaptor for plugging in.  Further information....


In emergencies, the following telephone numbers can be dialled throughout Germany:
Police: 110
Fire: 112
Medical emergency: 112
Medical service: 116117
The university hospitals in Bonn and Cologne have 24-hour emergency departments.
Please note that medical services (including emergencies) are not free and will be billed later. We recommend that you check your own health insurance and sign up for additional insurance cover if necessary.

Entry regulations

Different entry regulations apply for entry into Germany, depending on country of origin. EU-nationals do not require a visa. Please check whether you need a passport and an additional visa in good time prior to entry. Detailed  information can be found here...


Free Internet access will be available at both locations during the congress. Otherwise, there are free WiFi zones in most hotels and restaurants. If you have an unlocked mobile device, there is the option of acquiring cost-effective prepaid SIM cards from many providers.


German is the official language but English is widely spoken. Congress languages are English, French, German, Italian and Spanish.


Smoking in public buildings, transportation, restaurants and bars is prohibited.


The international dialing code for Germany is +49.
City code Cologne +49-221-number
City code Bonn +49-228-number
For phone calls abroad from Germany: 00-(country code)-number

Time zone

GMT +01:00 plus 1 hour summertime.


If the service is good, it is customary to leave a 5-10% tip in restaurants.


Tap water is of outstanding quality throughout Germany and can be drunk without concerns.


The weather in May is generally mild with little rain.
Average min. temperature: 8.2 °C or 46.8 °F
Average max. temperature: 19 °C or 66.2 °F
Average rain: 66 mm